Adlaw sa Iligan

“Adlaw sa Iligan” simply means, Day of Iligan.

Why Iligan Celebrates “Adlaw sa Iligan”?

It is a one day event to include a parade with hundreds of participants led by city officials ending with a program and a flag raising ceremony at the City Plaza.

But, why?

By the time you finish reading this page, you will have learned why Iliganons celebrate this special day.

Do you remember… in June 16, 1950, President Elpidio Quirino, the 6th President of the Philippines, signed the Republic Act. 525 — the law that made Iligan into a chartered city.

With this law, it provided Iligan with a broader power of taxation, thus increasing the city revenues.

The law was made in anticipation of the millions of pesos that could be collected as income from companies that would be established in the area of Iligan when the National Power Corporation on the Lake Lanao-Agus River system built the Maria Cristina Hydroelectric Plant.

With increased earnings, the city was able to undertake the necessary improvement of its public services and the construction of roads, bridges and public buildings that facilitated further development and progress of the city.

At that time, the incumbent municipal mayor Benito S. Ong, was the first chief executive appointed by the president – President Quirino.

Well, in 1955… (by the way, where were you in 1955?)

Anyway, in 1955, the first electoral race was held to choose Iligan’s first elected mayor, vice mayor and six members of the city council.

The late Congressman Mariano Ll. Badelles became the first elected mayor of Iligan City.

Every three years, the city along with other cities in the country, holds an election to choose the next members of the city council.

You might have heard the following words…

“Iligan City — Recommencing Her Prime”

Indeed, the city has awaken from its slumber.

Now, the twice-elected mayor of Iligan City is Lawrence Lluch Cruz, the youngest mayor of Iligan City and is one of the major proponents in reviving Iligan to become one of the tourist destinations in the Philippines.

Known as the “City of Waterfalls”, Iligan suffered a major slump in the economy during the closure of one of its major industry, the National Steel Corporation.

…but Iligan has bounced back and now it’s mightier than ever!

You’ve heard the Why, now the What?

So, every year on June 16, the people of Iligan unite to commemorate the day the city became a chartered city.

The “Adlaw sa Iligan” celebration starts with a parade from Iligan City National High School ending at the City plaza – now called Rizal park.

Other events are lined-up such as an Agro Fair, cultural activities, and choral and dance competitions…and don’t forget the colorful ‘Indigay sa Tabanog’ – a kite festival and competition.

Iligan has so much to celebrate!

Besides the annual “Adlaw sa Iligan” celebration, the city is also known for its month long festival, the ‘ Diyandi Festival’ —a festival that highlights Iligan’s rich culture and tradition.

And, don’t forget the city celebrates Iligan Fiesta – September 29.