Christmas in Iligan

Celebrate next Christmas in Iligan.

What is Christmas in Iligan City like? It’s a celebration like no other.

Celebrating Christmas holidays in Iligan City as I remember it fondly, is a celebration of faith,thanksgiving, and LOTS of Fun!

It’s a perfect time to offer thanks and perfect time to reminisce about the good ole days!

Christmas in Iligan

Christmas lights here, there, and Christmas lights everywhere!

— houses are decorated and full of them. You might not see a Christmas tree flocked with natural snow in front of houses, but you’ll see and admire the beauty of many parols (lanterns) hanging in almost every window.

Christmas without a parol is like Christmas without a tree!

Christmas lights light up the plaza (now called Rizal Park). Red, green, and yellow lights strung from one corner to the next decorates the houses. The Buhanginan Hill staff shows off the government buildings with countless lights that become a symbol of peace and joy to all.

The warm feeling of Christmas is all around you.

It’s Christmas Time in Iligan!
You Feel It! You Love It!
You Share It!

To many families, hanging the parol outside is the sign kids look forward to. To them, it’s Christmas time — time to get their friends together and plan their caroling partnership.

This is like the weekend right after Thanksgiving in the US — it marks the beginning of the Christmas season — it’s the biggest sale ever where people line up early to get the better if not, the best shopping deals of the Christmas season. Yeah, that’s right. Some get up as early as 3:00 in the morning just to get in line for newest gadget in town.

So when the sun sets in Iligan, carolers young and old are out and about. Singing familiar Christmas songs that warms your heart. Memorable tunes from when I was growing up are still being sung. With a peso or two, you can make the kids’ faces glow.

Some mumbled the words and some don’t even know, but it’s okay, they’re just trying to pass their cheer to you. Their faces, their excitement, it’s all worth it! This is what Christmas is all about! It makes you want to be a kid again.

Now, let’s hear from the talented Iliganons!

The city is rife with talent – singers, dancers, photographers, costume makers, artists, and many others. When they sing and dance, the whole world listens! Festivities all year long is proof how the kids are trained to sing and dance at home and in school.

Christmas in Iligan includes attending neighborhood or community events that will showcase the talents of the young and the old. The song and dance presentations of the neighborhood kids is a big part that make up the Christmas traditions in Iligan City.

Are You Homesick Yet?

It’s Christmas in Iligan and it’s BONUS Time!

It is the season of giving. Most businesses in Iligan City, regardless of religious beliefs, give their employees bonuses at this time of the year. And they give quite generously.

Filipinos work hard throughout the year and look forward to Christmas when their hard work is being recognize by a sizable bonus. Many Iliganons work for local start up import-export businesses and factories nearby.

Bountiful is the word that best describes Christmas in Iligan, followed by festive and fun. Like any other group of people in the Philippines, Iliganons celebrate the season with gusto brought about by hard work during the whole year.

Wait ‘til you hear about the early morning masses – Misa de Gallo in Iligan.

The climate in December is a bit cold, a bit windy, and uniquely different. So you can get pleasure from a short walk to St. Michael Cathedral for the early mass. You do not have to huddle against the cold draft alone as many people are going to church with you, and pretty soon, the whole church warmed by the sheer density of the people attending mass.

And finally, Noche Buena in Iligan is where you want to be!

The Iliganons have a wonderful way of making guests feel right at home; and the best way to do this is through food: spaghetti, lumpia, biko, suman, cakes, cheeses, the famous Iligan lechon and …

The mention of all these delicacies makes my mouth water!

Yes, spending Christmas in Iligan will always be the best time to talk about life in Iligan and what it’s like being away from Iligan. The festivities bring to mind the familiar feeling of belonging to this town – a town that holds many fond memories of our childhood.

Just a few reasons why you should celebrate Christmas in Iligan!