Iligan Bus

Ride the Iligan Bus – from Iligan to Cagayan and back.

If you want to travel by land from Iligan to Cagayan and vice-versa, take one of the Iligan bus.

What used to be Fortune & Diamond now to Rural Transit & Super Five…

Indeed, land travel has become more convenient these days. It has greatly evolved from the “Fortune” and “Diamond” bus eras of my younger days. Now…now please stop doing the math about my age. I am still young; I just happen to have a good memory for the days past.

Anyway, now are the days of Rural Transit and Super 5.

These are the two bus companies plying the Cagayan and Pagadian routes from Iligan. I must say that competition between the two has made land travel more convenient for the riding public.

Please note however, that unlike in the past when buses would traverse the city’s main road, you now have to go to the bus terminal to get a ride.

For northbound buses, the terminal is in Tambo and in Camague for southbound buses.

But don’t worry, the terminals are accessible by jeepney or taxi or even by “sikad”.

Ride In Comfort, Ride the Bus!

It used to be that air-conditioned buses were non-existent. Now, the Iligan buses are not just air-conditioned, the seats can even be reclined!

It is even equipped with a TV & DVD player so you can watch a movie while on the road. That is if you prefer not to sleep. And the fare? Just P120 or USD2.50 to Cagayan! Not expensive I may say.

But for those who still prefer to travel al fresco, despair not. non-aircon buses are still very much around. I even have friends who prefer to travel this way. They feel that the open air makes them feel less motion sick.

You see my friends took the aircon bus to Cagayan once. At first they were excited about taking the Iligan bus but when the wheels started turning the excitement soon turned to agony. They felt sick that they keep peeping at the window curtains to check where they are. Later on, they told me it was the longest bus ride of their lives. When they reached Cagayan, they were as white as a writing paper! The trip really took its toll on them.

And before I forget, they told me to remind anyone who is taking the non-aircon bus ride to make sure you take a hairbrush or a comb. They arrived Cagayan with a new do!

On the other side, it is good thing that bus companies didn’t completely phase out the non-aircon buses. Everyone can still enjoy the roadside scenery of the beach, of coconut trees, of the sea dotted with bathers, fishing boats on the shore, schools and the scenery of everyday life.

And traveling to Cagayan (which am familiar with) the scenery is made even more enjoyable with: – the bibingka (native rice cake) peddlers in Manticao, the fruit vendors at Midway, the fish markets and seaside restaurants at Opol.

Now riding an Iligan bus really makes traveling a real pleasure!

…dali na! Biyahe na ta!