Iligan Fiesta

The Iligan fiesta always draws a crowd. It’s celebrated on September 29 every single year. But, Iliganons start their preparations and other celebrations months ahead.

Have you heard these words — Kasadya Festival, Señor San Miguel Fiesta, Diyandi Festival?

You would think these three names taken separately point out to three different fiestas, but frankly, all three point out to the same fiesta — the Iligan fiesta.

Traditionally, Iliganons celebrate the city fiesta in honor of the miraculous patron saint – St. Michael the Archangel, locally known as Senor San Miguel, hence the name for the fiesta.

It is one of the most awaited events of the year in Iligan – new clothes are stitched, shoes bought, costumes made, mouth-watering specialties ordered, all ready for that very special day – September 29!

Come… see the COLORs of Iligan!

The Iliganons observe the fiesta with colorful and happy festivals with zest, passion and devotion, as it is a big part of their lives.

Iligan Fiesta

Iligan Fiesta

The excitement, the vibrant colors, the lights, the ceremonies all add to the liveliness of the city.

Preparation for the festivities starts the first week of September and it lasts all month long.

The celebration starts with some common rituals.

The community decorates the streets for the processions and parades with color banners. Trade fairs, sports competitions, concerts, street parties, and clean-up drives also add to the festivities.


Iligan Fiesta

Iligan Fiesta

Viva Senor San Miguel Arch

The Viva Senor arch is set up, ready for Senior San Miguel while others assemble traditional folk songs and dance performances. Still others search and organize the crowning of the beautiful Miss Iligan and Little Miss Iligan.

The entire community works together. Thus, the Iligan fiesta unites the people of Iligan from all religions in such a unique way to celebrate humanity.


Iligan Fiesta

Iligan Fiesta


The Iliganons celebrate the fiesta by venerating their patron saint with a 9-day novena and with the traditional ritual known as ‘Pagpakanaug’, the vernacular for ‘descent’. This is a ritual wherein the statue of the patron saint is brought down from the altar, paraded on the streets of Iligan and brought back to its place in the altar.

The Diyandi Festival highlights the arts and culture in Iligan.



Guaranteed FUN and plenty of FOOD to eat!

Images of colorful merrymakers are not the only things that come to mind when you think of the Iligan fiesta.

Just picture…every household celebrates the fiesta with a feast. You probably know already fiesta is not a fiesta without that mouth-watering lechon (roasted pig), hmmm…yummy (pagkalami gyud)!

And everyone knows you have to have the delectable ‘dinuguan’, delicious ‘buko’ salad, and tempting leche flan. Ahhhh, don’t forget the San Miguel beer, and lots of it.

Can you recall what an Iligan lechon tastes like? The very thought of it just makes your mouth water! You really have to be there to enjoy the lip-smacking Iligan delicacies!

Are you beginning to see how much fun it would be to celebrate fiesta in Iligan?

Iligan fiesta is a celebration of Senor San Miguel, the Patron Saint of Iligan. Like other fiestas in the Philippines, it is also a time of going home to share special thanksgiving with friends and families you haven’t seen for many years.

Make your plans now to celebrate the next fiesta in Iligan!