Iligan Nightlife

The party begins after dark…

When the sun goes down, Iligan nightlife comes ALIVE!

Get the most of your nights in Iligan… plenty of opportunities for excitement with the added bonus of it being cheap.

While nightlife in the Philippines is known to be a unique experience, Iligan nightlife is no different. You will find everything you need to enjoy yourself.

Whether your joy comes from sitting on the street with an outdoor cafe watching the locals stroll by, or satisfy your mood to dine at one of Iligan’s finest restaurants, or you like to dance…

…ultimately your night will wind up to be one unforgettable experience you will be talking about with family and friends for years.

Eat, drink and have FUN!

Dining and drinking are probably the first things that come to mind. Fear not, the food in Iligan is delicious and amazingly low.

Iligan restaurants serve the best Philippine foods and can satisfy the most discerning tastes. See our choices here.

Most bars and clubs cater to young locals. The city’s younger generation is a hardworking bunch, and knows very well the importance of cooling down after a day’s work.

More and more bars and nightspots are popping into the picture, eager to reward the hardworking Iliganons and entertain its visitors.

Many bars are open late, and clubs are open even later.

Before you go for the night out, the question you need to ask is how will you get to back to your house or hotel without a car? If you don’t have private transportation, a taxi is your best bet. I highly recommend it!

Nightlife in Iligan…is alive and kicking!

Numerous dance clubs dot the city. Those looking for places to party in Iligan will enjoy spending a little time here where there is plenty of partying going on.

Your first nightspot to try should be the Iliganon Bar – tucked away in a quiet location in Pala-o, this charming bar is one of the more easygoing bars in town.

There are still great places to meet friends and share a pitcher of beer. Most of these places have open bar with live music played on the stage. Will have them posted soon!

Looking for more places to party in Iligan? Why not spend some time with friends at Darren’s.

Iligan nightlife offers a little something for everyone!

Whatever you’re looking for in terms of Iligan nightlife, you are sure to find it here.

With the speed at which the city is developing, it’s only a matter of time before newer, hipper bars make it to the scene – and when they do, you’ll hear about it here, first!