Iligan Waterfalls

Iligan waterfalls are mother nature’s blessings — not just one, two, or three, but a whopping 23 falls located right in Iligan City’s backyard.

Where can you find a metropolitan city with waterfalls within the city bounds? Only in Iligan.

And the most famous of all Iligan waterfalls is no other than the Maria Cristina Falls.

Located in the southwest side of Iligan City in Barangay Buru-un, it is accessible by jeepney, taxi or a private vehicle.

It is so convenient that getting there is no hassle at all.

You see, Maria Cristina Falls is the Philippines’ most majestic waterfall. Not only that, it powers the majority of the island of Mindanao.

Since the power of the Maria Cristina falls is being harnessed for electricity, the best day to experience its grandeur is on Sundays betweem 11:00am to 12:00pm.

Learn one of the story told how Maria Cristina Falls got its name.


Maria Cristina Falls

Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.
Albert Einstein

One Two Step – Limunsudan Falls

Found in Barangay Rogongon, over 50 kms from the city, is the Philippines’ highest waterfall, Limunsudan Falls – standing at 870 ft tall.

Many have witnessed the beauty of Limunsudan Falls after trekking for a couple of days from the drop off point. It is hard work for some, but not so for others. For trekkers and nature enthusiasts, the route takes them through lush landscapes.


Limunsudan Falls

When you see it here, the sight of the falls’ two tiered magnificence will only make all the bumps and scrapes well worth it. It’s truly a trekker’s delight.

There are many more Iligan waterfalls in Barangay Rogongon.

Unfortunately, getting to them is even more difficult – some are accesible only by habal-habal.

You see, many of these falls are located deep in the mountains with very rough terrain.  They are: Guimbalolan Falls, Kamadahan Falls, Pindarangahan Falls, Gata Falls, Kibalang Falls, and Rogongon Falls.

Yes, there are 23 Iligan waterfalls right at the heart of Iligan, but let me remind you that only six are easily accessible and safe for bathing.

If you have time to really experience nature in Iligan, get a couple of guides for hire to take you to these amazing natural wonders.

A Hidden Treasure – Tinago Falls

 Tinago Falls

Located in Barangay Ditucalan, is one of the most visited waterfalls – Tinago (means hidden) Falls.

A jeepney ride to Tinago is not difficult to get. Be aware that the first 8 kms of the ride is on paved road; the remaining 5 kms is unpaved. Your trek down starts at the drop off point. From there you will hike down over 300 steps. Swimming is allowed here.

Make sure you bring your camera and swimming gear in case you decide to take a plunge in the lagoon.

And for a few pesos, let the bamboo raft ride take you underneath the cascading waters. Many exclaimed, it’s totally refereshing!

Do you remember growing up in the Philippines; you always hear stories about this and about that. Sure, you’ve heard of stories and certain myths that nature nymphs bathe in the lagoon at every base of a waterfall. You are also told that when you do go for a swim, you get a chance to swim with them – imagine that – bathing with the nymphs.

But really, have you heard of anyone who has? If you have, please tell us your story. That would be a really good story to share.

More Falling Waters in Iligan City

 Mimbalot Falls

Here’s the list of all 23 waterfalls in Iligan City.

  1. Maria Cristina Falls
  2. Tinago Falls
  3. Limunsudan Falls
  4. Guimbalolan Falls
  5. Kamadahan Falls
  6. Pindarangahan Falls
  7. Gata Falls
  8. Kibalang Falls
  9. Rogongon Falls
  10. Mimbalut Falls
  11. Dalipuga Falls
  12. Dodiongan Falls
  13. Kalubihon Falls
  14. Langilanon Falls
  15. Hindang Falls
  16. Pampam Falls
  17. Languyon Falls
  18. Linanot Falls
  19. Malinao Falls
  20. Bridal Veil Falls
  21. Abaga Falls
  22. Maligang Falls
  23. Malapacan Falls

You will find information here about all the Iligan watrefalls. Just click on the highlighted text to find out details about each waterfall.

Have you gone up to Buhanginan Hill yet? Well, don’t miss out. Make a stop there before you leave Iligan.

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