Shopping In Iligan

Shopping in Iligan

…where should you go for your shopping needs?

Iligan City may be a small city but you can have several choices to go to for your shopping needs.

There’s Unicity, JBC, Berds Theater Mall, Trendline Center, Novo, Fiesta Mall, Squarelland and of course, the newly opened Gaisano Mall.

For your clothing and other needs, you can do the rounds of the different malls in Iligan.

You may have a one-stop shop in the bigger malls or you can do your shopping at the small boutiques such as those at Padilla Arcade.

There may not be many big malls, but shopping in Iligan can be fun.

Boutique or the mall

If you are the type of person who likes to haggle for the price of each item for the fun of it, then small boutiques and open stalls would be your best bet to shop for clothes and other items. But if you are the type who just likes to put everything in a cart, then it’s ‘off to malls’ for you.

Shopping in Iligan be it a small boutique tucked away in a market place or a bustling mall where you can stroll around and look at the various displays.

For your grocery needs, you can go to Pala-o market and choose from the different shopping centers that are only a walking distance from each other.

To mention a few, there’s Lian Hong merchandise, Emilia mart, FK mart, and JBC shopping center.

Grocery shopping

Or you can opt to buy your grocery items from the open marketplace like the Pala-o market.

At Pala-o market, you can find all sorts of items from the common products to the hard-to-find ones.

Within the market itself, you can find different products sold at small market stalls at low prices. You can also find all sorts of products – rock salt, vegetables, fresh meat and fish products, shellfish and crabs, root crops, all kinds of bananas, ‘sago’, ready to wear clothes, brooms, pots and pans, clay pottery, fresh ‘buko’ and fruits, live goats and chickens, dried fish…….and the list goes on.

The best time to shop here would be early in the morning, when everything seems to be crisp and bright and the air fresher.

Got tired feet from all that shopping? Then stop by and refresh yourself at the different fastfood or snack centers.

You can have delicious a ‘halo-halo’ at Merry Muffet or Chowking, a burger and cold drinks at Jollibee or McDonalds, or a sandwich and coffee at Dunkin Donuts, Bea’s Café, or Tedt’s.

These are just some of the food centers where you can refresh yourself after all that walking and shopping in Iligan.

Iligan has much to offer to everyone. You just need to roam around and see them for yourself, be they the mundane shopping needs or the wonder of beauty itself.

Definitely, at the end of the day, you get to have or experience what you were looking for.